Adhesive Tapes are used in many industries and new uses are being discovered every year. Advances in adhesive technology, low cost and ease of use compared to traditional fastening systems are some reasons why the use of specialty adhesive tapes will continue to grow as a joining and fastening solution.

In many industries, specialty adhesive tapes are replacing mechanical fasteners such as bolts, screws, clips, rivets and other fastening systems due to the numerous design and assembly benefits they provide.

Specialty adhesive tapes are commonly categorised as double-sided tapes and Very High Bond tapes.

Double-Sided Tapes

High-performance double-sided tapes are fast becoming the preferred choice for bonding materials over mechanical fastening and are transforming several areas of product design. Lightweight, non-messy and easy to apply, double-sided tapes offer unparalleled bond strengths.

Double-sided tapes remove the need for labour-intensive operations such as hole-spotting, drilling, welding and surface refinishing. With no unsightly holes to be punched or drilled, there are fewer chances of structural weak spots or areas where corrosion or rust can set in.

By creating a consistent adhesive layer, the stress is spread evenly on the bonding surface which provides strong holding power. This helps in withstanding movement and vibration. It also compensates for thermal expansion and contraction. Mechanical fixing methods lack flexibility in this area. This is especially important for joining dissimilar materials which have different inherent properties.

Some of the major benefits of Double-Sided Tapes are:

  • High-Strength
  • Long-Lasting
  • Removable
  • Fast and Easy Bonding of Different Surfaces
  • Suitable for industrial and trade applications

To get the best results it’s important to choose the right double-sided tape for the application. Just like a saw, a tape is a tool and you wouldn’t choose a circular saw for a task that requires a reciprocating saw.

The first consideration to be made when choosing a double-sided tape is to evaluate the characteristics of the two surfaces being stuck together. For flat and thin surfaces such as PVC and aluminium it’s best to choose thin double-sided tapes. For thicker and coarser surfaces such as brick, cement and wood, thicker tape needs to be used to provide sufficient contact.

Very High Bond Tapes

Very high bond tapes are suitable for use in interior and exterior bonding applications. The tapes have been designed as a permanent bonding solution for different surfaces such as wood, metal, metal, glass, plastics and paints.

The high-strength adhesive tapes are suitable for a range of industries including packaging, pallet unitising, arts, construction, bookbinding, and exhibitions.

The tapes are made using acrylic foam which is elastic but able to retain its strength even when stretched to fit around an object. The energy-absorbing and stress relaxing properties allow the tape to fit perfectly on a surface.

Very high bond tapes come in different subcategories. Since no two jobs are the same, it is important to select the right tape for the task at hand.

When working with equipment that has several complex parts it can be challenging to stick them properly using traditional fasteners which have a fixed shape.

The contouring abilities of very high bond adhesive tapes allow them to be stretched, squeezed and shaped easily around any surface. The foam-based material also helps it cover microscopic irregularities in surfaces and seals them shut, resulting in a strong and long-lasting bond.

While traditional adhesives and fasteners can be used on a range of surfaces, the materials used in manufacturing them limit their application to certain types of bonding.

Very high bond tapes on the other hand can fasten almost any surfaces together, including surfaces made from completely different materials. Whether it’s sticking wood with plastic, wood with metal or anything else, the tape holds them together securely.

Very high bond tapes have adhesives on two sides of the tape, which gives double the strength with every use. Not only does it cover up cracks or join small sections but they can combine whole parts together, which makes them suitable for use in large scale projects.

Here are some benefits of Very high bond tapes:

  • Suitable for general and specialty industries
  • Can be used to stick different surfaces
  • Strong bonding
  • Long lasting
  • Consistent adhesion
  • Replaces screws and bolts

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